Monday, March 19, 2012

Sorry door, you lose.

In February, Chris and I decided it was time. 

Yes, time to finish up some more things in the basement...especially the bathroom.  This all goes hand in hand with Christopher building himself a new desktop computer (his first in like 12 years) which he can then play the new game that is coming out in May.  Yes, folks, the kids are grown and he is moving back down to the basement for his hours of gameplay.  That's okay though, the kids love the toys down there, and it is going to be awesome to have some stuff completed.

We went on a Thursday night and picked out all sorts of stuff, countertops, shower, pre-fab cabinets (we want things to look nice but we don't want to go all crazy...I don't understand the need for granite countertops in my laundry each their own!), toilets, faucets...etc..  We couldn't fit it all in the car Thursday, so Kevin and Chris picked the rest of it up the following Friday.

I was thinking of doing a tile shower, but given the cost, decided on a one piece one...well, we couldn't get it in the house with the exception of one door - our sliding glass door needed to come out...

It took the boys an hour, and some crafy and crazy attempts (I could hear, Well, if the door breaks, Renee doesn't like it anyways...) they got it out.

Ha!  Door: 0 Husband: 1

Hard at work...Shower to the left...inside the house!
 Below is the laundry room...across from the new closet that we put in last spring/summer, along with the subfloor above.  I decided I wanted to do a drop-in sink on a countertop here, with a cabinet below and a cabinet above.  It is going to take some, among other things.  My job is to stain the cabinets...I wonder where I will put my calendar when its done?

Here is the future's roughed in so that is nice.  It has simply been storage for years...Chris is going to need to figure out where to put the top of his desk (the big blue thing).  I would clean and start to organize down there more, but with work being busy, I haven't had the energy or time. 

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