Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprised how little I miss Facebook....

As these pictures for this post were downloading, I decided to check Facebook.  Recently, I deleted it off my phone, and it was a joy.  No more constant notifications.  I also don't enjoy coming home from working 14 hours to sit in front of a computer, so I haven't been checking it here either.  I would rather sit with my kitties.

Roary is so funny at times.   But he knows when I need a friend...and he sits on my lap and comforts me after a long day....

 Not the best picture of me, but this is what you get after you spend all day looking at state composite returns! 

Evan had a "Pet week" at school a few weeks ago, and had to bring in pictures of his pets.  I was like, Poor Gigi, rarely photographed!  So, when she was out one day, I snapped some pictures of her.  She has been suffering lately with another flare up of her colitis, so is on steriods and antibiotics again.  Poor thing. 

She has gained some of her weight back though -- getting her little pooch back!  You go girl!

If you check Facebook a lot, or even post a lot on it, I recommend you try giving it up for a week or two, and see how freeing it feels.  Its so nice not to be reminded of everyone else's opinions on silly things or serious things...or their daily activities...and then when you see that person, you can talk about things without knowing everything already.  Very nice. 

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