Wednesday, April 4, 2012

After four years...Blaine Easter Egg Hunt Winners!

We have been going to the Blaine Easter Egg hunt for is always a fun three minutes gathering eggs, let me tell you.  For sure I thought this year that Nathan wouldn't be scared of the big Easter Bunny and would get his picture taken, but I was wrong. 

I was told he was "shy" and didn't want to go by the Bunny.  Evan probably would have though...he stared at that thing so hard he forgot to look where he was going. 

We took a few pictures before was supposed to be warm...ha!   Those weatherman shouldn't bother with forecasts....

Evan always does a "smirk" lately...

I took Evan and Chris took Nathan, since the areas are divided by age and Nathan was in the bigger age group this year.  Well, they blew the  horn and I said to Evan, "come on!  lets go!" and honestly, he picked up one egg and just stared at it, and put it in the bag, and I was like, "hurry, there won't be any eggs left..!  come on Evan!" and by the time he grabbed the next one (or tried to, as one kid almost took it away) it was over. So, Evan got two eggs, Mommy got him five more, and that was that.

You open the eggs to see if you  have a "gold coin" which gets you a prize...there are also a two Golden Eggs on each field, which I have never seen.  We have never found a gold coin in an egg (even though last year we got 35 kids came because it was snowing), seen a Gold egg, or won the raffle.

So, you can imagine my surprise as Evan and I were walking trying to find Daddy and Nathan when I heard, "Mommy mommy!  We found a gold egg!"  I was like, no way!  Way to go guys!! 

I think I was more excited than Nathan...

There were all sorts of prizes Nathan could pick from, and I tried to "direct him" as to what was the most valuable prize...but he wanted this big basket of sand toys, and was so excited about that's what he got! 

You can imagine my surprise then when a few minutes later, Evan won the raffle!  So, then he got to pick a prize too.  I picked the basketball basket for him. 

Evan loved the basket more than anything...he was so cute, hauling that cheap basket around everywhere and putting things in it. 

It was such a fun morning...after the egg hunt, I took the kids to the park and it was freezing so we came home and had pizza and went to bed (well, the kids did...I didn't...I cleaned!)

My house is a diaster due to tax season so I cleaned and that was nice...then we went to church and Nathan was very excited to get his palm since we have been reading about Jesus and what happened to him in his kid's bible.  It was a long mass though - an hour and a half!

Lent is officially over...hard to believe Easter is here and my first busy season at the new firm is almost done.  I am so glad I left Deloitte...there are definately very hard days at this firm as well, but I feel so much more positive about the people and how they treat you!

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  1. YAY for both your boys for winning prizes!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)