Sunday, April 22, 2012

bubbles and onions

the kids got bubbles and bubble makers from the grandparents.  Evan didn't know what to make of it at  first....

until Grandpa showed him how...

and then we got the classic Evan smirk...

Evan is definately growing up.  He wants to do whatever his big brother is doing...or, eat.  He loves to eat.  And when he wants to eat, or thinks he wants to eat, and he doesn't get to, he cries.  And lays on the floor and whines. Or stares and bawls at the closed cupboard in a sad, pathetic sort of way.

The other night I just couldn't take the crying anymore...the kids were going to wait for dinner, and that was it!  So I pulled a chair up next to me and said, Evan, here, you watch me cook.   The kids love helping and watching. 

I chopped up some onions.  Evan asked if he could have one.  I smirked.  Muhahahahah, I thought, this will teach him!

I gave him an onion.

He put it in his mouth....and....wait for it......asked for more!

Seriously.  WTF kid. 

I gave him more. 

He ate more.

He grabbed the bowl.

I grabbed the camera.

He is so definately part Speltz!  We are onion-eaters! 

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  1. HAHAHA I love the onion story!!! Hilarious!!!