Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Friday

Growing up, on Good Friday we always had school off, and we would slowly get up out of bed, lounge around, and then Kevin, Karen and I would spend the morning, into the afternoon, dyeing Easter Eggs.  After that we would clean up and at 2:30 family friends would come over, and we would all head to church for Stations (which I didn't get to go to this year, and missed.  Stations is always such a bittersweet event...I think I cry everytime I go...).  After that we would head home and play with our friends, and have fish for dinner and usually popcorn after that.  

Those were the days!

In an effort to keep some of the old traditions alive, my mom still has us over on Good Friday.  And, until this year, we dyed eggs over there.  But it has been a little too crazy for me the past few years:  10+ people and children huddled around the kitchen table trying to dye eggs without knocking over the cups of dye, people all talking at once, and my Dad doing 10 eggs at once and hogging all the dyes all while complaining, "are there any other colors open?  I'm bored." 

So, this year, I decided, it's time for a change.  We went over for dinner, and then left - no crazy egg-dyeing expanded family event this year...nope!  I missed dyeing eggs with Karen and Kevin, but other than that, it was so nice.  On Saturday I worked most of the day, but inbetween tying out Schedule B amounts to 1099's, Nathan and I dyed eggs while Daddy and Evan sat and watched and ate cookies.  As an added mom stopped by to say "hi" and helped us for a little bit. 

Here are some  pics from the past two days (it took forEVER for Blogger to download these...annoying!):

Evan's first ride on the H!

Nathan got to go too but that picture didn't download....
Evan and I were starting the fire again...we were burning old pieces of my parent's deck - kind of scary how quickly that wood burns!

Uncle Kevin spending time with his Godson...Kevin said, "I am not sure he liked it!" after Evan went down once....

Before dinner on Friday the kids decided to start riding bikes down the hill...oh my gosh, they loved it.  I was thinking for sure someone would get hurt or hit the big steel clothesline, but no one did...

Saturday morning doing eggies!

I will have to add more pictures computer is too slow!

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