Sunday, April 1, 2012

let's go fly a kite...

Happy April Fools Day!

Today at breakfast, I said to Nathan, "there is a spider on your head" which he FREAKED.  And I said, "April Fools!  Mommy is just teasing!"  He squinted his eyes and gave me a "look" but checked his hair a few times "just in case". 

I have been trying to post this post a few times...but the pictures wouldn't upload.  I have issues with this program, I tell you.  But, finally, here it is!

A few weeks ago it was very warm and windy, and we all headed to the park for some fun. 

The boys love to play soccer, and to try to get the soccer ball through this hoop thing at our park.  Evan's attempts were hilarious. 

Action shot!  Way to go Nathan!

Daddy got the kite ready, and then showed Nathan how it works.  Nathan and I both thought it was awesome...can you believe it?  I  had never flown a kite before that day!

Flashback:  We made kites in 6th grade, but the day we got to fly them I had to be out of school for a cousin's wedding.  Then, when I brought the kite home, I was trying to fly it, and my older brother came and took over (typical).  Well, since he wouldn't let me try to fly my own kite, I went inside, and he decided then to throw my kite in the garbage.  Crunched it up and everything (I'll have you note, that he didn't get into trouble either....err...)

After a few attempts, he was flying it like a pro!

Below is one of my favorite boys and that sky!  Love it.

Evan's hair is so goofy...some of it is so short, and some of it is so long.  Look at how cute he is below with it blowing in the wind...

Nathan and I, flying the kite...

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