Sunday, April 29, 2012

My pictures, as usual, seem to take forever to upload to blogger, so none for this post tonight. 

We have had a very busy, but at times extremely relaxing, week.  It was the first week that wasn't crazy busy for me at work and I am back to my FWA (flexible work arrangement). 

It started out with Sunday, as I mentioned in an earlier  post, with Evan having a bad diaper rash.  And by bad, I mean, BAD.  He stayed home on Monday and Tuesday, and his whole class at school had had strep.  So, on Tuesday, my day off, I took him in and they checked him and he did not have strep.  It seems that whenever Evan gets a virus, he ends up with bad diaper rash.   apparently he has a sensitive butt.  I blame Christopher.  He has sensitive skin too.  Good grief - sometimes he goes fishing in April and it's cloudy and he comes home all sunburned! 

But, Evan and I were able to get lots of things done around the house still on Tuesday.  I have really started tackling my "list" of things to do, along with the cleaning that has been neglected for months.  And I mean the deep, get into the corners, under the dressers, on top of the molding, in the vents cleaning. 

But Tuesday afternoon and evening was gorgeous, so Evan and I decided to quit around 4pm and we went outside and played and relaxed and had a beer.  Then Daddy stopped on the way home and picked up chicken, asparagus, bread, and mushrooms to grill and the grandparents came over and it was a fabulous night. 

On Friday I worked for almost two hours on the shower and the bathroom, and then I finally gave up and told Christopher I think we needed to strip some of the old caulk in our shower and put in new, because the mildew/mold had grown into it in a few spots. 

He came home that night and took care of it...yae!  Another thing off the list.  Today we also did the outside high-up windows....and since we had all the stuff out, I did all of the basement windows with the exception of one...which is great!  Less windows for me to do during the week. 

Chris is still working away on our basement bathroom.  It seems as if we started it a very long time ago...I realize it is still April and there is a ton to do, but I am like, dang, can't it be done?  I want my sewing area back...


We are actually hiring some people to come and redo our hardwood floors...we are going to scheduled that for two weeks from now and stay at the Grandparents for a weekend.  It will be nice to "farm out" at least one project. 

This weekend Chris is going fishing on Lake Michigan.  Salmon fishing.  My dad goes every year and Chris has ALWAYS wanted to go so he is really excited.  Nathan is excited because I said one night he could sleep in my bed with me...and, he gets to go over to Grandma Jayne's and play Hungry Hungry Hippos. 

Chris has also been building himself a computer - a desktop. He hasn't had a new one for probably 12 years.  He is really excited for this new game that is coming out and  he is due for a new computer--- it has this new type of harddrive that boots up in like 3 seconds.  Last night he came upstairs grinning like a Chestire Cat and told me all about it.  I am happy for him...I appreciate that he likes to wait for things and only buys new things when he really needs it.   So many people these days want everything right away even when they don't need it at all (many of my family members come to mind).  

I finished my first prayer shawl for the church.  I think it turned out lovely.  I wore it last night after I finished it and I realized what a comfort a shawl really is.  I think I will make myself one actually...but with a different yarn than what the church uses---I think I will make mine with something a little more silky soft. 

Well, that's all for now....definately bed time!

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