Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh bumpers!

-that's what Nathan says all time.  Have you seen Chuggington? 

Nathan went to classmates birthday party a few weeks ago...he had a great time.  My kid, however, is the one who runs continously, only stops for bathroom and water breaks, and sweats like a maniac.  However, I also had the best eater...I couldn't believe all the Mom's begging their kids to please eat one bite of their food before cake...thank goodness that is one thing I don't have to worry about.

Side comment:  Last night I made my mom's Swedish Meatballs...which I love.  However, Evan loved them more than everyone.  He had 6.  Daddy and I had 5, and Nathan had 4.  Evan also had two pieces of garlic bread and a scoop of green beans.  Not sure where he puts it.  Maybe a hollow leg?

Anyways, here are some pics from the sweaty (but fun) day:

The kid in the front crying - the birthday boy!  doesn't it always happen that way?!  :)

Note Nathan in the back hamming it up! 

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