Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick table topper and an old afghan...

I have been finally catching up on reading other peoples blogs, and I feel like I have wasted months NOT sewing!  But, unlike other tax seasons, this year I actually worked on a small project or two...

Below is a little table topper I made from a was so cute I couldn't resist...and I am a sucker for pinks and browns (or blues and browns).....

 I set it on the piano bench to take a picture, and Nathan goes, "Oh good, now I can play piano and my butt won't hurt."  That made me laugh.  So I think I will leave it.

Speaking of butts, poor Evan has come down with the worst diaper rash I have ever seen.  It was actually bleeding.  I felt awful.  We kept him home today and let him run around diaperless for quite some time.  We will see if he stays home with me tomorrow (yae for having days off again!) or not.  No big deal if he does...I have chores to do around here and he can help me. 

Another thing on my "list" has been to put all my patterns I have in a book and put pictures of the items I have made in the book as well.  I finally have started this, and have most everything in the book but now just need to make notes on the pictures. 

Below is something I made a long time ago...started it before I got married.   It is a classic ripple afghan...yes, each stitch lovingly made by took some time, if I recall, and I haven't done a full size afghan since.  And, honestly, now that I can quilt, I probably never will do one again (although, I do have a bunch of yo-yo's I have crocheted...perhaps someday those will be sewn together....)

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