Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day of May 2012...

I went to go download some pictures for this post and realized I haven't put them on the computer yet.  So, no pictures.  But, here is what has been going on:

-Purchased new trees for the front yard.  My brother came over last Saturday and was bored before we headed to church so he got out the chainsaw and took down the old one. 

-Work has been crazy busy although I have not been there much.  Trying to squeeze in some vacation days before they expire. 

-Evan is really talking now.  His teacher told me this morning (and I LOVE his teacher) that she was "so proud" of him for saying yesterday, "what are you doing?" and "what is that?" 

-Stopped by DQ on the way home tonight and got the boys vanilla cones with sprinkles just because....seriously the best $3 you can spend. 

-Chris, my brother, father in law, Dad, some other people, and hopefully my future brother in law (hopefully!) are all fishing up at Lake of the Woods this weekend.  This is the first weekend they have gone in 5 years that I am not staying at my moms.   I decided it would be nice to spend the weekend at home.

-Grandma though is taking the boys tomorrow night for a "sleepover".  I plan on scrapbooking all day - picked up pictures and some more supplies today from Archivers.  That store is bad for me...I always end up buying more than I anticipated.

-Got a pedicure today and paid for the upgrade - got a scrub and menthol wrap - felt amazing, although, not too sure I am in love with the color.  Oh well, just another excuse to get a pedicure in a few weeks!

-Nathan has come up with a theory on why the dinosaurs all vanished.  One day in the car he informed me of it: 

You see Mommy, I think that one day a big stone came out of the sky, and on the way down, it broke into little stones, and this only came down on the Dinosaur's world, not our world, so we didn't hear it.  So the little stones came down and smashed the dinosaurs on their heads, and their bones all got squished out of them, and they died.  And the bones then went into the dirt, so that is why we find their bones in the dirt.

I thought about what he said and then said to him, "Nathan, you could be absolutely right."  :-)

-I replaced the weather stripping on the front door, and now I am sanding and scraping the paint off the wood trim and then am going to prime and repaint it.  I am getting handy, who would have thought?!

-I washed a bunch of windows, then it rained and rained, and now they look like shit again.  Sorry, but they do.  I am done window washing.  I will wash them again only when I cannot stand to look out of them anymore. 

-Our hardwood floors have had the first dents and scratches put back into them by the kids, so it feels more like home again. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend at Grandmas

Here are some pictures from the weekend at Grandma's while our hardwood floors got redone:

The kids love to sweep...

Or rake...

Or play with the wheelbarrel...

The boys sniffing their "vintage" beers (beers expired like 4 years ago and I refused to drink them, but they did!)

We grilled around the!

I loved how we could still put Evan in his highchair and not have to worry about him getting too close to the fire...

Token picture of Roary:  Eating his "leg"...there were four of these, two he had demolished and we thought they were all gone.  but, we moved the fridge and found another and Roary was really enjoying chewing it up. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's put everything in one room, shall we?

It was time to get our hardwood floors redone.   We have them in our kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, and entryway.  So, everything in these rooms had to move.  Fortunately, our family room was close by and most everything was easy.  Unfortunately, we own a piano dating back from some time around the turn of the century that has a full board in it (i.e., heavy as heck).  It took four guys to move it like 10 feet. 

But, the kids loved having everything in one you can see, they enjoyed the two couches being put together!!

I have to admit, it was weird going into the family room to open the fridge.  Seemed like a really long way!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dirty boys are happy boys!

On Sunday before dinner the kids found a puddle. 

It was a big puddle. 

I was up vaccumming out my car and didn't notice they were in it until it was too late.  Oh well, I probably would have let them play in it anyways!  They seriously played in it for an hour, which for them, is like a world-record. 

Those poor pants of Evan's...they got washed at least four times that weekend!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mommy...where are we?

Nathan and Evan yelled for me to come outside and find where they are...I just couldn't find them anywhere!

Oh wait...there you are!!!

After dinner and playing outside, the boys enjoyed watching Peter Pan...

Here are some pictures of some old projects I made and gave to my mom/Karen:


An afghan made for a 4-H project..received Grand Champion back in the day!

This is the ragtime quilt I made for had all sorts of fabrics in it that I knew she would love...lots of snowflakes, kitties and puppies!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This past weekend me and the kids were at my moms...Chris was fishing and since I knew I wouldn't see her on Mother's Day weekend, we went over on Friday night for some take-out Chinese that she loves and then gave her her Mother's Day gift...I was so excited to see her open it!

Boy was she surprised!  I had found some of her old dishes (plates) finally after years of looking and watching pattern listings to see if they ever got any of her pieces in. 

After that, it poured rain (rained all weekend) but then a rainbow came...Nathan had never seen one before so he thought it was so cool. 

He ran outside because he wanted to be closer to it...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Prayer Shawl Completed

I finished my first prayer shawl for the church last weekend: 

I added a border (not a fringe) that I thought was nice.  Hopefully whoever receives it likes it!

 Just a random picture of their tails...I love Roar's fluffy tail!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday with Evan

Some of our "deep cleaning" Evan and I did.  We stripped the bedding, moved the bed, vacuumed every nook and cranny, and tossed out crap (shhhh...don't tell Nathan!).  The picture below was halfway through the project...

I left Evan in his room while I took a phone call for a few minutes...this is what happened:

The Desitin was out because of his diaper rash...I missed putting him away before I put him in there...what a mess.  All over him, all over the floor, all over the dresser...took me forever to get it out of the carpet...

Oh sure, he looks all sad in this picture, but honestly, what a naughty naughty boy!  :)