Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grandpa, can I help you?

Grandpa and Grandma get three or four steers every summer and raise them.  Nathan and I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday morning, and we found out that my parents were picking up the steers that afternoon, so we asked if we could come with. 

We drive about an hour up to a farm...Nathan just loved seeing all their animals, chickens, ducks, cows, roosters, dogs, hens....

Everywhere he went he just kept smiling...

Nathan looking at our new steers!  They are named after my younger brother's guns:  Colt, Manchester, and Benali - I love 'em!

One of the kids there showed Nathan his duck - something about farm kids (most of them, anyways) - always very sweet and kind!

On the way home Grandpa said to Nathan, "Nathan, will you help me when I get home?"  Well, I don't think Grandpa expected that as soon as we got home Nathan asked with every step..."Grandpa, can I help you?"

Nathan loves helping Grandpa drive!

Unloading....there they are!

I should have gotten a picture of what  happened after this...Dad and Nathan cleaned out the trailer...and boy, did Nathan have a great time.  I asked Nathan about halfway through, "do you want to come in now?"  and he goes, "no Mommy.  Grandpa and I aren't finished cleaning this out yet." 

Then Nathan and Grandpa put everything away and put the tractor back into the barn...overall it was a busy day for me running around everywhere -- I didn't do much, but boy was I tired when I got home!

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