Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last day of July...

Wow.  What a month July 2012 has been! 

Despite slaving away many nights this month, the bathroom is not done.  Chris said he would have it done by August.  I told him it would never happen.  He says it still could "by August" because to him "by August" apparently means "during August".  I disagreed whole heartedly.  I said to him, "if you say you are going to arrive by noon, and you don't get there until after noon, you are late.  He says that is a different matter entirely. 

Either way, the basement is still a complete diaster!  I wanted to have the ladies over for sewing at least one night this summer, but I think it is going to be a fall activity.  I need a week or so just to paint the bathroom and find towels and that sort of stuff, so it will be awhile before it is done.

Just look at this construction zone!:   

This is looking at the bathroom from the family room...

Mudding away...

Future toilet...

Nathan being silly!  There was extra space behind where the mirror was to go, so Chris had this great idea to make it into a huge built in medicine cabinet - big enough to fit towels and all sorts of stuff, which is great, because the bathroom is small. 

We also ended soccer last week...sad but true...it went by so fast...hard to believe it's over! 

We will have to consider what to do when he turns 5...possibly a U5 league?  not sure if he will be ready for that but we will see...

Way to kick it Nathan!

And so we say good-bye to July, and welcome August.  Since July was so hot, I anticipate August being cooler and rainy. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The crib is on it's way out...

One thing I hate about blogs is how people only post what they want you see about their life.

Don't get me wrong, I also love that about blogs.

But it does annoy me at times.  Some of the blogs I read are always talking about what people are doing/planning/buying next...how perfect their children are, how proud they are that everything goes according to plan, how shiny their car is, how many friends they hung with over the weekend, what they ate, how delicious it was... sometimes it is almost sickening.  although, you cannot almost blame them...who the frick wants to blog about real life half the time?  Some bloggers do and they have a wry sense of humor which makes me laugh, but most of us don't have that writing style since typically we are just talking about a few things in our lives and sharing pictures.  And who has the time.  (I can't sleep right now so I guess I do.)

Our life is not perfect.  I get anxiety because I try too hard to make it something I never can.  I have started to give that up.  God's in control.  Not me.  Not about anything.  All I can control, truly, are my thoughts and behavior.  frightening. 

So, anyways, I'd like to know what goes on in a real day for people. 

Lots of mornings I get up and feel crummy.  Last weekend, Evan was up off and on all night because of the thunder and lightning.  On the 5th time he started to cry, I heard a loud "thud" and even more crying.  I quickly went to his room.  He had escaped the crib, was standing on the floor, totally confused.   What he did I don't know. 

When I got up the next morning, I was feeling more lousy than usual.  argh.  morning anxiety is a B!TCH

But then I get to see this and smile and cheer up:   

But then I get annoyed because Nathan is going all ninja-crazy in the bed and so I have to calm him down. 

But then I get this: 

And this: 

Note the relatively clean floor above?  Yeah, that is because the kids made a frickin' mess during breakfast...how much actually got in them versus the floor?  Seriously. do they think I am a maid?  I asked Nathan this and he said, "yes".  Good thing he doesn't know what a maid is or I would have socked him one.  Okay, no I wouldn't have, but sometimes a mom does feel like that. 

After this Evan decided that berries were no longer something he liked and he squished every single berry he had (while I wasn't watching) until his bowl looked like some form of half done jam.  I sighed and tossed it as I didn't feel like eating berry mush. 

I went downstairs and the cats had made a mess too.  One barfed.  Oh the joys.  That's it! I decided.  And I went and told Daddy I was going to the bookstore to buy a book I have been longing to read.

As I grabbed my purse I saw a white car sitting out front of our house.  I look out the front window and this woman is sitting in the car clearly staring at our house/property.  So I watch her, and she is just staring.  And I am like, WTF.  It almost looked like she was watching someone in our backyard or something...there was no one there.  So, I tell Chris this and then I go and open the garage and hop in my car.  She speeds off...I back out and start to follow her, but she practically doesn't stop at the light, and books up like a bat out of hell up the road.  *totally creepy*  I move our Security Sign from behind the Shasta Daisies so it can be clearly seen.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking, "what good will that do?"  Made me feel better at least. 

When I got home I packed the kids up to head over to Grandma's because I "had to" pick onions that day.  I didn't want to.  Onions should stay in the ground as long as possible to keep well for the winter...especially for me since I do not have a "cool room".  Well, no dice, because others who also get onions from my parents decided to get onions that afternoon, so I had to go get onions or get left out in the cold.  seriously.   this is just one of those family things you can't do anything about either except shrug and say to yourself "people are ......(fill in the blank with words of your choice)". 

Anyways, so we went over, and I dripped sweat in the dang heat and I picked probably 100+ onions.  I am really thankful...the onions will last in my house usually until February or March even though I don't have a cool room.  Last year they did rot a lot and start sprouting early, but you can still eat them even if they sprout.  This year though, I read online about how to properly cure onions so they keep well.  You still need to store them in a cool place (35 to 40 degrees), which I can do in my garage when it gets cool.  But, until then, we will have to see how they survive. 

Here I am, curing my onions:

I did some yardwork too.  Hey, why not, I already reaked of onion. 

After all that, I decided the kids needed a good dinner, and I needed to use up some veggies, so I made a hotdish for Daddy and the kids.  But Daddy didn't eat the hotdish, he made himself cheese dip and then kids ate the hotdish.   

I was going over to a friends house that evening for a much needed break and to watch the end of the Bachelorette.   Yeah whatever, don't judge.  It is way better than watching one of the 50 shows with forensics where all you do is see people croak in disgusting ways and then have some morons try to figure out what happened.  You want a good mystery that won't gross you out (unless you have become completely desensitized by it) -- try Matlock.   They don't make them like that anymore....ha!  God Bless Andy Griffith.  Those were the days.

And yes, there are some snippets from my day last weekend.  Now that I have bored you to tears (if you made it through this long post) go have a Coke.  Doesn't that sound good? 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A trip down memory lane...recipes...

I was cleaning out my cupboard tonight with my recipes and cooking books...I have like 8 books I never even open.  Time to donate them. 

When I grew up, summer was about swimming lessons, long days of playing with my younger brother and sister, and 4-H.  Our country fair was always the last week of July/first week of August, and each year I took about 10-15 projects. 

My mom recently found one of my old projects and gave it to me...I didn't really want to keep it, but didn't really want to throw it away either.  So, I took three pictures of it and will remember it that way. 

It is is actually hilarious - one year I decided to make a Cookbook and call it the "ABC's of Recipes" and have a recipe for each letter of the alphabet.  The book was meant to be for kids.  I don't know how old I was when I made it, but it was back when all you had on your computer was a word processer, paint, and solitaire.

If you look closely, check out some of my "recipes"...such as the one for "hot dogs" or "lemonade".  Seriously.  I made a recipe for how to open a can of lemonade and add water!  LOL hilarious. 

I have no idea what the "K" one was...."kitefy"?  I must have found it somewhere because I need a "K" recipe.  Odd. 

This was before *obviously* digital cameras and things like that, so when I took the few pictures I could (I remember pictures were pricey so my parents only let me do a few) you never knew until they got developed if they were good shots or not.  Most of all of my pictures I took weren't very good! 

The last recipe, "Zummy Salsa" was my recipe for "Salsa Sauce Salad".  Growing up we had a lot of salsa around, so I would crunch up a ton of chips and crackers, sometimes add rice krispies or even shredded wheat and crunch that up, and then add a ton of salsa and eat it.  I know it sounds quite WEIRD, but it actually is really good and just tastes like chips and salsa. 

Chris isn't home yet from hanging out with friends.  The day was long but good.  Evan has had a cold, but now I am wondering if something else is bothering him...either that, or he is going through quite the defiant phase.  We even had pancakes tonight and he really didn't want to eat or do anything we asked him....all day long he was like this. 

It is thundering out.  I guess a stray storm must be rolling through..I don't think it was supposed to rain.

I liked the opening ceremony of the Olympics a lot.  Blew China's away if you ask me. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Somebody's got big shoes to fill....


A shout out to Uncle Cory for the shoes (and big feet!)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Evan Turns Two!

Hard to believe three years ago I made these for Nathan...has it really been three whole years? 

The kids having appetizers....

Hugs for Auntie!

All the kids love Auntie!

Kevin and I chatting...


All the kids love Cory!


As usual, the classic RibFest picture...

We added Nathan to the mix, he pouted.  Can you tell?

The birthday boys!


ufta.  what a day! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Nathan has been enjoying soccer these past few weeks...

Evan didn't go with this week though, its hard for him to sit and watch and Daddy stayed home and worked on the basement...

Nathan dribbling...

So, on Tuesday we get to the soccer field and I notice Nathan has the wrong shoes on the wrong feet.  So I say, "sit down and switch those!"  Well, before we left home he was telling me about his shoes and how they "fit on both feet".  Well, sure enough, he had two left shoes -- apparently they had gotten switched at daycare.  So, I ran up the store to Target and he got a new pair of shoes that night right before it started. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip Pictures Part 2

Me enjoying the bug free indoors...

Karen baking our shoes...

Some group pics...

This is our view in the morning.....

Karen and I both thought it would be fun to get new hats...here they are!  It took us a day to find these...

Heading up Eagle Mountain...

Entering the Boundary Waters Canoe Area!

Half way there....

The highest point in Minnesota...it was pretty dull...

The cooler part was the lookout below:

Back at the cabin after a visit to Grand Marias...it was hot but cool at our cabin on the lake..almost chilly!

They  had these amazing old swings where you felt like you were flying right into the lake...I cannot wait to go on these again!!

Sunday morning and the moon...

One last token picture for Nathan...he actually thought this was really cool because it looked like "Thomas"...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Trip Pictures Part 1

So, if you read this blog, you are going to have to suffer a few days here with a lack of kid pictures...because we went on a vacation with my sister and her boyfriend up North last weekend.  It was so fun!

It started out with a drive up North and ominous looking clouds chasing after us...here is our fearless leader in front of said clouds.  A few minutes later, downpour!

It poured while we ate lunch and then let up...we stopped at a Candy Shop after lunch.

My view of Karen in the car...

Our first stop was Temperance River...it had amazing falls and rocks...we started out on the 'boring' side...which at first I thought was totally neat (until I saw the other side!)

I was scared to climb things at first...I got over that pretty quickly...

So, good thing we all had our raincoats on, because right after this picture, it started to pour.  We got drenched...we went hiking to the other side and it was awesome...tons of falls and rapids...but, since it was pouring rain, the camera was put away.  I am excited to go back again someday and get some awesome pictures of us with the falls in the background....more to come! I can't seem to upload anymore pictures right now.