Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Fiesta!

Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays - miss you Aunt Jeanne!  Lots and lots! 

The day was hot.  We are talking 102 for a high.  We got to Grandma and Grandpa's early to help set up the pool, pick a few things and set up a few things, and get the kids down for a nap.

Pre-party naps:

After that, my dad, Christopher and my brother sat around and waited for guests to arrive.  We had a few hours, so my Dad broke out the Newcastle mini-keg.  We had it gone almost before people, this will explain why my Dad kept insisting we go in the pool even though he had pants on!

Got the kids up a few hours later, people started showing up, and Glen and Dee were cleaning their house and brought over their "billy bass" for my parents.  Well, the boys fell in love with it. 

What an annoying fish! 

Evan kept trying to kiss it. 

Two of my favorite GUYS!!   Brother and sisters boyfriend!

I love this pic...I made home-made hummus for the party (now that I am an expert) and Nathan went and helped himself and sat quietly by himself for quite some time.  Never thought I would see the day...

Of course, pool time splashing with cousins is a must on fourth of july:

My in-laws came which was so's me and Gary making sure Dad doesn't burn the chicken...

Nathan said he wanted to go in the pop bottle!!

Hugs with Grandma!

So, did I mention my Dad got tossed?  He decided to get his friend Jerry to go in the pool, and then dared him to sit down. Jerry refused, so my dad just did it.  Hilarious.  Seriously, he was frickin' hilarious.  We couldn't stop laughing. 

Here is our Chief Captain in Charge of All Things Explosive.  He did an amazing show for us.  Awesome.  Thank you Meorwkevin!!!

Kids prepped for firework display!  And so we ended the evening getting bit by mosquitos (only a few though) and watching pretty fireworks. 

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  1. Holy cow that was a LOT of fireworks!!!! I bet it was a great show!!!!