Saturday, July 28, 2012

A trip down memory

I was cleaning out my cupboard tonight with my recipes and cooking books...I have like 8 books I never even open.  Time to donate them. 

When I grew up, summer was about swimming lessons, long days of playing with my younger brother and sister, and 4-H.  Our country fair was always the last week of July/first week of August, and each year I took about 10-15 projects. 

My mom recently found one of my old projects and gave it to me...I didn't really want to keep it, but didn't really want to throw it away either.  So, I took three pictures of it and will remember it that way. 

It is is actually hilarious - one year I decided to make a Cookbook and call it the "ABC's of Recipes" and have a recipe for each letter of the alphabet.  The book was meant to be for kids.  I don't know how old I was when I made it, but it was back when all you had on your computer was a word processer, paint, and solitaire.

If you look closely, check out some of my "recipes"...such as the one for "hot dogs" or "lemonade".  Seriously.  I made a recipe for how to open a can of lemonade and add water!  LOL hilarious. 

I have no idea what the "K" one was...."kitefy"?  I must have found it somewhere because I need a "K" recipe.  Odd. 

This was before *obviously* digital cameras and things like that, so when I took the few pictures I could (I remember pictures were pricey so my parents only let me do a few) you never knew until they got developed if they were good shots or not.  Most of all of my pictures I took weren't very good! 

The last recipe, "Zummy Salsa" was my recipe for "Salsa Sauce Salad".  Growing up we had a lot of salsa around, so I would crunch up a ton of chips and crackers, sometimes add rice krispies or even shredded wheat and crunch that up, and then add a ton of salsa and eat it.  I know it sounds quite WEIRD, but it actually is really good and just tastes like chips and salsa. 

Chris isn't home yet from hanging out with friends.  The day was long but good.  Evan has had a cold, but now I am wondering if something else is bothering him...either that, or he is going through quite the defiant phase.  We even had pancakes tonight and he really didn't want to eat or do anything we asked him....all day long he was like this. 

It is thundering out.  I guess a stray storm must be rolling through..I don't think it was supposed to rain.

I liked the opening ceremony of the Olympics a lot.  Blew China's away if you ask me. 

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