Thursday, July 5, 2012

Annual Blaine Parade

Every year we go to the Blaine parade...a short little local parade that we enjoy.  This year we were a big crew with Grandma and Grandpa along with cousins!

This is what my husband does at parades.  See how he is sitting far away from all the children playing Words With Friends or some other game on his phone?  Also see that smurk?!!

Don't worry, he got up and took the boys for a walk after that picture...not that I suggested it or anything!

Evan's first love:  Popcorn. 

Nathan had a rather girly wave...I guess he was trying to imitate the princesses?

We also had the cousins over during the week before they left...everyone got to make their own pizzas...most of the kids ate most of their dinner while they did their pizzas....

And of course, we had post-dinner wrestling.  What day would be complete without it?  Especially with four boys?

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