Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last day of July...

Wow.  What a month July 2012 has been! 

Despite slaving away many nights this month, the bathroom is not done.  Chris said he would have it done by August.  I told him it would never happen.  He says it still could "by August" because to him "by August" apparently means "during August".  I disagreed whole heartedly.  I said to him, "if you say you are going to arrive by noon, and you don't get there until after noon, you are late.  He says that is a different matter entirely. 

Either way, the basement is still a complete diaster!  I wanted to have the ladies over for sewing at least one night this summer, but I think it is going to be a fall activity.  I need a week or so just to paint the bathroom and find towels and that sort of stuff, so it will be awhile before it is done.

Just look at this construction zone!:   

This is looking at the bathroom from the family room...

Mudding away...

Future toilet...

Nathan being silly!  There was extra space behind where the mirror was to go, so Chris had this great idea to make it into a huge built in medicine cabinet - big enough to fit towels and all sorts of stuff, which is great, because the bathroom is small. 

We also ended soccer last week...sad but true...it went by so fast...hard to believe it's over! 

We will have to consider what to do when he turns 5...possibly a U5 league?  not sure if he will be ready for that but we will see...

Way to kick it Nathan!

And so we say good-bye to July, and welcome August.  Since July was so hot, I anticipate August being cooler and rainy. 


  1. So, in other words, Chris is going to be working his butt off on August 31st at 11 PM to finish the last of it?

    1. lol - Most likely not...he doesn't seem to meet his own deadlines when it comes to this sort of stuff...I always tell him he underestimates his time and I add at least three months. Our bedroom furniture is still not all done...going on 8+ years (at least all my pieces are done!)