Sunday, July 8, 2012

No really, it's hot out.

I don't know how many times lately I have heard the news media talk about weather as if it is something catastrophic.  Seriously.  I realize it is hot and homes aren't built for this like they used to be (without front porches and windows designed for air flow), but come on, do I constantly need to be told to drink fluids like I am five? 

Even my kids figured it out -- staying cool outside means staying in the shade.  Drinking lots.  Going in the pool. 

The kids love raw tomatoes.  They don't get that from me. 

We are still continuing working on the bathroom...Nathan likes to play with the hammer and nails...

I honestly don't think it will ever be done.  seriously.  It was started in February and at first the walls went up so fast.  Now it just sits there.  I guess things are getting done but from the looks of it hardly anything seems to be changing. 

We tried to cram in as much as possible in the past week -- beach with my sister, pedicure for me, getting the yard cleaned up (yes, we SWEAT a lot doing that), working on the landscaping, completely redoing the garage (i need to take pictures of it...looks amazing!), fishing trip for Nathan, taking Nathan to a movie...the list goes on...

Nathan is definately going to be a fisherman like his Daddy and Grandpa's. 

Even though it was dang hot, we both had a really good time!  (PS, you don't care how you look when it is that hot out)

This last picture makes me feel so reminds me of being a kid, of when I didn't think of very much stuff throughout the day except of what I was doing each moment and maybe if I could have a cookie when I got home...

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