Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evan's Photo Shoot

Well, my favorite place to get the kids' pictures closed...and along with it, my photographer.  I have no idea where she went or if she is working, and it makes me really sad...she has done almost ALL the kids pictures with the exception of Nathan's 2 year pictures and like his 6 month one. 

So, we went back to Sears since I had been there before and they dealt well with 2 year olds and their drama.

Evan did better than Nathan did when he was two, but it was still work!  Here are some outtakes:

Can we say "frumpy" or what?!!  

Rolling around....

He wasn't too sure about that camera or that lady.   Lots of times he just stared at her and was like, "what you doin?"

She was being silly so Evan started to be all crazy silly too....didn't really work for nice pictures...

This is Evan staring at the photographer while she put stuff on her head.  He wasn't impressed. 

Here is one of the pictures we ordered...we did get some nice shots out of the day!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daycare drama....

So, on Tuesday, I went with Nathan's preschool on a fieldtrip.

It was NOT good.  Oh, the kids had a good time, and Nathan was fine, but it was so disorganized, the teachers had no idea what was going on, they didn't bring enough water, the snack was lame (we were supposed to have lunch there which changed)...argh. 

And I seriously mean this, they are *lucky* all the kids made it back.  But, they did, and it's over, and I'll have words with the center director and it will be done.  seriously, I now think this woman is lazy.  I don't know what she does all day. 

But, here are some pictures from the day:

Before we left, Nathan with some classmates..

Sitting next to best friend Matthew on the bus...

Nathan *pouting* because this kid accidently kicked his face.  Oh the joys. 

So, it was at the Tamarack Nature Center, and there was no program, no structure, no anything for the kids. 

Here, Children, run around like hellions in this area with rocks, water, sand and some plants.  Have fun for two hours.

The kids got bored...

Fortunately, me and this other Mom that was with (who was also dang pissed about this fieldtrip) were able to take our kids to other areas of the center and do interesting things.  Here they were filling up their watering cans to water all the plants in the gardens.  They loved that.  I really enjoyed meeting this Mom - she is a working Mom as well and wasn't stuck up like a lot of the other Moms, so that was really nice. 

Here was the group of kids before we left...I loved how Nathan was totally the only one paying attention to the cameras for quite some time, and the girl in the front posing like some model.    LOL. 

The bus ride on the way home...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nine year old lipstick...

I've had this lipstick in my purse since my wedding, September 2003.  I just couldn't part with it...I loved the color.  I loved how I felt wearing it.  I loved how I felt that day.

But it's 9 years old, and it was time to let it go.  I have moved on...as the much more expensive lipsticks in my purse prove...

Dinner with the family last week...fresh veggies are the best!!  Fried eggplant and cabbage with celery seed dressing....Tomatoes for BLTS!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Christopher says I spoil the boys sometimes...

He tells me not to let them get a "junk" toy from the dollar Target area when we go. 

He tells me they have too many toys so that is why they don't play with any of them consistently (although, compared to almost everyone we know, our kids have the least amount of toys....). 

He tells me Nathan gets to do too many things. 

So, one can imagine my surprise when Daddy took Nathan to a movie last Thursday and I started to get some of these pictures during and *after* the movie....

What is this?

Apparently this was AFTER a trip to the library as well?

And then arcade games? 

Followed by lunch at McDonald's with a shake? 

Nathan had such a good time...the first thing he told me though when he got home was that he "got to drive a race car".  :-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh no, it's August!

Is there enough time left to squeeze everything else we wanted to do in summer in??!!

Soon work will be swamped, there will be late nights, and I love this time of year when the sun dips lower earlier, putting our patio and deck in the shade...and oh, today!  How i loved the 70 degree weather?   boo 90's.  boo. 

Last night our neighbors stopped by and stayed for two hours on our deck and we just chatted and laughed and drank a few adult beverages. It was a nice unexpected visit.

On Tuesday I realized July was over and I had yet to take Nathan to the beach, despite all his constant requests.  Auntie Karen really wanted to go with him so we headed out in the morning...to our luck, the beach was empty!  Finally all those teenages were sleeping in....

Just look at Nathan and me...he was funny carrying his noodle...

Sadly, this is the only picture I got of Auntie Karen...

I think Nathan's favorite part those is the splash pad...he is now at the age where I can just sit there and relax and not have to go in that freezing cold water!!

Also, he played in the water by himself for quite some time.  He started splashing some *large* lady who was just sitting in the water for like two hours and got into trouble, but other than that, was really good.

Nathan and I having fun!

Kids are weird.

Nathan's closet after a week of picking out his own shirt each morning.  I knew it didn't take that long!

Nathan demanded we take a picture of this: