Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Christopher says I spoil the boys sometimes...

He tells me not to let them get a "junk" toy from the dollar Target area when we go. 

He tells me they have too many toys so that is why they don't play with any of them consistently (although, compared to almost everyone we know, our kids have the least amount of toys....). 

He tells me Nathan gets to do too many things. 

So, one can imagine my surprise when Daddy took Nathan to a movie last Thursday and I started to get some of these pictures during and *after* the movie....

What is this?

Apparently this was AFTER a trip to the library as well?

And then arcade games? 

Followed by lunch at McDonald's with a shake? 

Nathan had such a good time...the first thing he told me though when he got home was that he "got to drive a race car".  :-)

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  1. Looks like Nathan got a fun day with dad!! Where was your invite to tag along?? :)