Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daycare drama....

So, on Tuesday, I went with Nathan's preschool on a fieldtrip.

It was NOT good.  Oh, the kids had a good time, and Nathan was fine, but it was so disorganized, the teachers had no idea what was going on, they didn't bring enough water, the snack was lame (we were supposed to have lunch there which changed)...argh. 

And I seriously mean this, they are *lucky* all the kids made it back.  But, they did, and it's over, and I'll have words with the center director and it will be done.  seriously, I now think this woman is lazy.  I don't know what she does all day. 

But, here are some pictures from the day:

Before we left, Nathan with some classmates..

Sitting next to best friend Matthew on the bus...

Nathan *pouting* because this kid accidently kicked his face.  Oh the joys. 

So, it was at the Tamarack Nature Center, and there was no program, no structure, no anything for the kids. 

Here, Children, run around like hellions in this area with rocks, water, sand and some plants.  Have fun for two hours.

The kids got bored...

Fortunately, me and this other Mom that was with (who was also dang pissed about this fieldtrip) were able to take our kids to other areas of the center and do interesting things.  Here they were filling up their watering cans to water all the plants in the gardens.  They loved that.  I really enjoyed meeting this Mom - she is a working Mom as well and wasn't stuck up like a lot of the other Moms, so that was really nice. 

Here was the group of kids before we left...I loved how Nathan was totally the only one paying attention to the cameras for quite some time, and the girl in the front posing like some model.    LOL. 

The bus ride on the way home...

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