Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evan's Photo Shoot

Well, my favorite place to get the kids' pictures closed...and along with it, my photographer.  I have no idea where she went or if she is working, and it makes me really sad...she has done almost ALL the kids pictures with the exception of Nathan's 2 year pictures and like his 6 month one. 

So, we went back to Sears since I had been there before and they dealt well with 2 year olds and their drama.

Evan did better than Nathan did when he was two, but it was still work!  Here are some outtakes:

Can we say "frumpy" or what?!!  

Rolling around....

He wasn't too sure about that camera or that lady.   Lots of times he just stared at her and was like, "what you doin?"

She was being silly so Evan started to be all crazy silly too....didn't really work for nice pictures...

This is Evan staring at the photographer while she put stuff on her head.  He wasn't impressed. 

Here is one of the pictures we ordered...we did get some nice shots out of the day!

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