Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh no, it's August!

Is there enough time left to squeeze everything else we wanted to do in summer in??!!

Soon work will be swamped, there will be late nights, and I love this time of year when the sun dips lower earlier, putting our patio and deck in the shade...and oh, today!  How i loved the 70 degree weather?   boo 90's.  boo. 

Last night our neighbors stopped by and stayed for two hours on our deck and we just chatted and laughed and drank a few adult beverages. It was a nice unexpected visit.

On Tuesday I realized July was over and I had yet to take Nathan to the beach, despite all his constant requests.  Auntie Karen really wanted to go with him so we headed out in the our luck, the beach was empty!  Finally all those teenages were sleeping in....

Just look at Nathan and me...he was funny carrying his noodle...

Sadly, this is the only picture I got of Auntie Karen...

I think Nathan's favorite part those is the splash pad...he is now at the age where I can just sit there and relax and not have to go in that freezing cold water!!

Also, he played in the water by himself for quite some time.  He started splashing some *large* lady who was just sitting in the water for like two hours and got into trouble, but other than that, was really good.

Nathan and I having fun!

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