Friday, September 28, 2012

Camera and computer...not working!

so, in addition to  my 'computadore' having major issues lately (internet, internet, internet!), my camera refused to download pictures the other day....very annoying!  thus, no blog posts. 

But, we've been keeping busy, as usual...and September is nearly gone...

One night we all went out to dinner...the wait was crazy at Reb Lobster, but Nathan was so good!  Evan and Daddy stayed home.  Boy did Nathan like those lobsters. 

Two weekends ago we stained the needed it badly. took all afternoon. Nathan wasn't tired so he helped. We left one side (underneath) of where he painted, it looks awful, but he tried so hard and it is really cute. 

We also have been doing a few picnics lately..this one was McDonald's at a park with one of Nathan's is so weird that it starts getting dark at 7pm already!  cool and cozy though...time to start more sewing!

In other news, we celebrated our 9 year anniversary yesterday.  It seems like it should be longer than it feels -- 9 years is a long time, but Chris agreed, it doesn't seem like that!  He did good duck hunting even though the birds weren't flying around much due to the weather...he was happy because he got a goose!

As the bird were flying over our house this weekend, Nathan said, "I guess Daddy missed those ones..." I laughed out loud and agreed, "yeah, I think he must have."

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