Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I really want to say...

Sometimes facebook is interesting, but most of the time, it is just really annoying.

I guess I don't understand why people post things on there like they do. 

When I was little, I spent an entire weekend writing stories and pretending to be a "reporter" of things going on around the house..I wrote everything out in pencil, and then typed up the stories on a typewriter.  We had a copy machine (now considered ancient as I think it was purchased in 1987) and then I made copies.  It took the WHOLE weekend. 

I don't think my kids will probably ever get into doing that...why would they?  I mean, by the time they are old enough to try the technology will be so advanced they will probably be able to talk to a computer, make up stories, and just touch the screen a few times and be done. 

Its the same with Facebook...its so dang easy, people just post everything. 

For example, what I really want to say to the guy who posted that he got a popcorn shell stuck in his gums for two days and used a toothpick to pull it out was, "so frickin' what?"  Seriously, do people think others care?  Maybe this guy had friends that do.  Just odd you know. 

So, what else do I really want to say?  There are so many things...
Unfortunately, I just said a little prayer and that voice inside of my head said:

Don't type them out.

so I won't.

I was at a wedding this weekend and someone said something to me that really insulted me -- to the core.  I had to take a break and go and say a little prayer and talk to God quick to help me not let it bother my night.  He helped me let it go almost instantly after that.   But it was hurtful.  I don't understand why I am always trying to *check* myself when around others but others are so careless about it when it comes to me. 

"in this world you will have trouble...but take heart...."

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