Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Birthday Date With Nathan

Last week I had the week off...I did lots around the house, and got tons crossed of my list.  It was great.  One of the things that needed to be done was getting Nathan his 5 year pictures...something I make sure I do every birthday...so, he stayed home on Wednesday and we went and did pictures.  The girl was kind of snotty (big surprise, it was at Sears, but since I had a membership there the prices were quite reasonable)...but the pictures turned out good.  And man, what a difference a few years makes - Nathan was so easy compared to Evan, and I recall Evan being much easier than Nathan.  Whew!
After that we ran some errands -- everywhere we went people asked us why we were out and about and I told them it was Nathan's birthday tomorrow and he got all sorts of treats -- I decided to take him out to lunch.  I had a free kids meal coupon at Chile's so we drove over there and had a nice lunch.
I decided I really like the children's menu at Chile's...so many side options and choices...here is Nathan reading his menu...

He chose the corndog with cinnamon baked apples...the apples smelled really good...

After lunch they brought out a special birthday brownie for him!  As you can see, it was HUGE and free! 

I kept telling Nathan he didn't have to eat all of it, since I could tell he was kind of full, but he said, "But Mommy, it tastes so good!"

In the end, he managed, with a little of my help, to get that thing gone.  What a fun day!  I have to remember to do things like this with each of the kids every now and then when they get older...

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