Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nathan's First "Friend" Birthday Party

Well, we invited all the kids from Nathan's class, and there were three of them there from class, and then his two cousins and five from another family/, 11 kids, 6 pizzas, one cake, a few adults, and Eagle's Nest make for a great day!
Here's Nathan with his cake the night before...

Nathan and cousin enjoying lunch!

The two birthday boys!

Most all of the kids..., this kid was running around like crazy...and had a blowout on top of everything it all over his pants (and mommy's coat...not fun!)

Opening gifts...
The uneaten cake...a good pic!
I can hardly believe this boy is going to be 5!!
I would have taken pics of them playing, but I was running around with them while Daddy sat and chatted with his friends (most all he could do with his arm)...he watched from below later...I did get some video though...

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