Thursday, November 1, 2012

A few fun things I did last week....

Well, the first is that I bought a Pfaff sewing machine!  Very exciting purchase for me. 
The second is I finally finished this wall hanging that I started in January....
I actually quilted it myself on my old machine...which is why I decided officially last week that it was time for a new one.  
I have been looking for quite some time...and on my week off, I went and tried out the machine for almost two hours one day.  It was like test driving a car, but longer, and better, because the woman was so patient with me.  I have unlimited classes, but I don't think I will have a drop of time to take one until after weeks are just booked up!  I tell people my new machine is like going from driving a tractor to driving a Cadillac...its just so completely different its hard to compare. 

The night before I was to go and buy it I kept thinking about how it cost way too much, and I kept waking up Chris to ask him if it was okay.  Especially with the medical bills rolling in now, I really felt bad.  At the same time, we don't spend our money casually...we save and are responsible and very conservative with it - probably even too conservative.  I need to give more of it away.  It's just money.  But anyways, its a one time purchase (at least for hopefully like 15 years) so when I think of it more as an investment, that makes me feel better. 

And the thing has pink on it!  could it get any better?  i love pink. 

We also have done some puzzles in the past few weeks due to Chris' hand...I got into this one and did most of it fun and relaxing.  I would work on this late at night while we watched Band of Brothers...that way I didn't have to watch too much when there were parts that were scary....

I finished it late on Saturday night, which I had to, right before the party on Sunday. I was so pumped after I finished it that Chris and I did something we never do - ordered pizza at like 11PM and ate the whole dang thing!  dang it was good.  Best Papa John's I think we have ever had.  I am excited for the next time we feel like doing something like that.  Or at least, when I feel like it - Chris is so easygoing I think he would be game for whatever. 

This week has been hard on me.  I have felt stressed and tired - the birthday party on Sunday (a blog post to come on that) took more out of me than I thought, and then work hasn't been busy but I've been busy doing admin work, and just keeping up with the kids, argh!

But good news on Chris' hand - it is healing well and he got the stitches out and does not have to wear the brace anymore.  Maybe I will take a current picture of it and post it on here for all to see.  I can tell he wants the progress to go faster, he seems sad he doesn't have any strength or power in his fingers yet, but I guess what can you expect when you cut a muscle in two and its only been 3 weeks?  It really makes you appreciate all the things you can do with two hands...I mean, seriously, some of the things he struggles with you wouldn't even think about, like opening a can of olives...

Nathan and Evan had really good weeks last week...Evan only had one day of attempted biting, and it seems like he is calming down alittle bit now with that (knock on wood)...I know it is a phase, but I always worry the phase will become a perpetual thing.  Nathan has been doing way better at nap/quiet time as well....he had a rough afternoon today, but part of me doesn't blame him.  Some of those kids (and their related parents) are just dang mean.  One of his friends didn't even invite him to their birthday party and let him know that -- he was a little upset but not overly bothered, but boy, I was burning inside. 

I struggle with that because I was left out and forgotten all the time in school - I think it bothered me the most in high school.  Monday mornings were the worst!  Hearing about what everyone did over the weekend and then to be asked, "why didn't you come over?" to which I would respond, "i wasn't invited."  And my friends would say, "oh" or "well, your mom wouldn't have let you come anyways."  I think that is why I am so close to my sister and brother, as well as a few other friends -- despite what anyone tells you, it does hurt to be left out...

tomorrow is an exciting day...having the ladies over to sew!!  woohoohoo!

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