Saturday, November 17, 2012

Memory lane...

Or otherwise known as, cleaning out a drawer.

I found my old calculator.  I used this bad boy throughout college and high school (graphing calculators sucked, especially for an asprining CPA)...I was sad though to find that while the battery was still going strong, one of the digits no longer displayed anymore, so into the trash it went.

do you think kids will have calculators in the future?  I mean, everything is getting put on phones nowadays, I wonder if they will just use their phones...
I also found a bunch of my old stationary.  I loved that Garfield stuff, so I saved and saved and saved it...and now it is just old!  I also had some stuff left from a gift received from a friend in 7th grade. 

I got this in the mail from Chris one Valentine's day...well, not the picture and the frame, but the heart....I think Babe came with it (I loved Babe!)

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