Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Merry Christmas Cookies...whew!

this is the first year that there is no christmas cookie making craziness at my mom's or with my mom.  I think we are all getting tired (or old!), but I was glad, because then I could just make cookies on my own time with my boys. 
Although, I still stink at the frosting.  It tasted great, but didn't look as pretty as my moms...not sure what I did.  I gave myself a big fat FAIL at the frosting.  Although,  Nathan tasted it and said it was De-li-cious!
note how Evan is just supervising while eating popcorn...

I told Nathan NOT to pose and so then Evan does.  Sheesh. 

the fearless roller....

Nathan sugars like my mom...very light...not like me at all! I load that sugar on, I like to see it!

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