Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nathan's Surprise Party - Pictures Galore!

Nathan hasn't had a birthday party since he was 2, so I decided this year that he was going to have a great birthday!  He asked a long time ago if he could "someday have a party where people said 'surprise'" so I thought we could do that for him.
I did appetizers....which, I thought would be easy, but Stromboli is a lot of work when you make a bunch of it! 
Look at that bread...go bread go!

Mess in the kitchen before the party....

I loved that it was so cold out...I didn't have to refrigerate anything!

Stromboli's in time, the spicy ones will get a lot more spice because Chris said he could barely taste it...

Here is the cake made the night before...I just did an easy box cake with two construction machines...Nathan loved it.  The frosting was new - I wanted a whipped cream frosting that didn't melt, and found a really good one online...this one does have cream cheese which I think is why it doesn't melt, and I got a lot of compliments on it because it wasn't too heavy and wasn't too sweet, so that was great. 

Here are the decorators before the surprise!

Evan waiting for his brother...

So, we all waited for Nathan to get up from his nap and this was his reaction after the "SURPRISE!".  He was totally out of it. 

Evan and Auntie were pumped though!

Once Nathan got all of his parts moving, he was ready for his FIVE treasure maps to find his FIVE treasures hidden around the house. 

Here are the kids digging for treasure...

Evan looking for treasure too....


Silly silly Evan....

After dinner the kids went out, and since Nathan is 5, he decided he could swing super high now on his own.  And he did.  Oh the power of positive thinking!


Nathan got a cuddle blanket and the boys enjoyed it right away!

It was a good day and Nathan enjoyed his gifts!

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