Monday, November 19, 2012

you guys are hilarious....

I keep a bunch of Nathan's artwork in his box, but some things I don't keep.  But, I do like to take pictures of some of the things I don't keep...this was a huge painting he did, but I love his description of what it is below....

Nathan and Evan were yelling at me to "come see them" and this is what I got.  too cute!
Helping Mommy with cookies last week after shots...

He loved the nut grinder...he says, "Mommy, I really like this job!"

Whew.  Done. 

We have all been struck down with some sort of head cold, and I think Christopher got the worst of it.  I came down with it last night, but am taking tons of C's to see if I can ward it off.  I didn't sleep much last night! 

I wasn't planning on working today but work I did...I ordered a wreath from a coworker's boy scout troop and it is SO NICE! I hung it outside already. 

What a busy *short* week it will be...tomorrow is "Stone Soup" at the kid's school, followed up our visit to Santa at the mall (ALWAYS before Thanksgiving), and then on Wednesday we are going to keep the kids home just to spend a day together as a family.  I think we are going to try bowling...Chris AND the kids can use the ramp.  :-)

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  1. Yum, cookies. I like the butterscotch cornflake ones too.