Tuesday, December 18, 2012

34. Yowzers!

These are some pictures from a little birthday gathering at my Mom's - it will be the last birthday gathering my older brother, younger sister and I celebrate together.  (why?  Because I am not celebrating with my older brother and his wife ever again...I guess I don't care anymore if the whole world knows that they seem to enjoy blaming me for everything and make me feel like shnit.  I am done with that!)
Here are the kids having fun with a tractor ride!

Here is Nathan putting the candles on my cake...a true classic...two layer chocolate cake...with chocolate almond frosting!  totally good. 

Blowing out Mommy's candles!


What I really wanted for my birthday was snow.  It came a week later.  We had so much fun.  It almost makes me sad looking at these pictures because I feel like its never going to happen again.  too many snow haters out there!

I really do wish it would snow again.  I am very jealous of Iowa and Chicago and Colorado right now. 

I am thankful though for what we've gotten.  Probably one of the few. 

Hi Auntie!

this was cool. 

so cool.

who cares if we had to shovel and plow three times?  it was worth it!

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