Thursday, December 6, 2012


Nathan has been asking to go bowling for quite some time.  With Daddy's hand getting messed up, we weren't able to go.  Turns out Daddy bowls just as well with his left hand (suckage!) so it doesn't matter. 
But, it was a great day - just Daddy and I spending time with these fun boys. 

Evan was in awe of everything...can you tell?

Nathan getting coached....

So excited when his ball came back....

Evan's turn!

Go ball go!
What form!  better than Mommy...

See? I have bad form leg doesn't go out right...It feels weird when I try! 

So, these pictures, are, once again, very old.  Since before Thanksgiving!  good grief I am behind.  I have had too many social engagements lately.  The other night even Chris said, "you are getting too popular" and he is right (not that I am getting popular, that's a laugh and a half, but that I am busy).  I am tired of having to go out with people and coworkers and do event-type things and mingle and make small talk.  Granted, I do like that most of the time, but sometimes, its not worth it.  

For example, and maybe you have experienced this, some of my old acquaintenances asked to meet for a happy hour a few weeks ago.  I am not sure why.  This wasn't something I suggested...and boy, was I hoping they would cancel.   I said okay, but of course they couldn't actually make "happy hour" because of work schedules.  So, I get there and it was totally awkward, with the girl I was sitting across from starting off being offhandish....  I was all like, "how are you?  what's new?  Are we ordering dinner?" and she snottily laughed and goes, "whatever you want renee...."  and I am just like, "okay then...." and I sat there quietly for a few minutes wondering what I did wrong, and why I got invited to dinner if I was just going to be brought down....suddenly I remembered why i was no longer in contact with these people!  I don't burn bridges and I don't typically hold grudges, but I have no patience anymore for people who put me down. 

I know it is only ME that can allow people to make me feel that way, but, even though there is the old saying "sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me...." --let's be honest, the way people treat you does hurt.  I mean, ask a few of my family members...despite the fact that whenever we get together we expect a couple people to just be horrid, you think we would just get "tough" and not let it bother us...but after every get together, it does!  This is why I have slowly been weaning myself from family events....what a healthy decision that has been for me.  I need to be around positive energy and positive people.   

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