Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas counter toppers...

I've been working on projects...these are all for my mom - and are reversible!

the backs...or fronts...gotta love those turkeys!


Got a lot of  nothing done today.  It was nice.  here was my day:

-woke up to dog howling (seriously) LOUDLY becuase Christopher and the boys left (we are dog sitting)

-decided since dog is howling, maybe I should get out of bed and do some cleaning

-cleaned a tad, and headed off to chiropractors

-came home, changed, decided to run to Target

-Went to Target...Target is crazy busy!  Happy to see its busy but get me the heck outta there!

-Decided to get a pedicure.  I love the girls in there - so sweet.  They put snowflakes on my toes.  It makes me giggle when I look at them.

-Decided to go tanning.  Did a 15 minute session.

-Went and got the kids early - after lunch, before nap.  Evan was laying down already but wasn't yet asleep.  Nathan was like, "why are you here already?"

-Came home and started to do some work around the house.  Laundry.  Picking up toys.  Fed dog.  Shoved his pill down his throat (I tried putting it with food but he is too smart for that). 

-Ate lunch, and husband came home early.  He got a haircut and looked hot. 

-Worked on dinner (made hash), cooked up all of the remaining apples from the orchard we got this fall - holy cow, is that good applesauce, and boiled eggs for deviled eggs and egg salad.

-Relaxed for an hour

-Chris left to go visit a friend in the hospital, I did some ironing, laundry (never ends I tell you!) and fed the kids.  They are downstairs at this moment whacking each other with the remainder of a roll of wrapping paper.  Evan especially seems to enjoy whacking things...I dunno about that kid. 

Chris is going to try ice fishing tomorrow...huzzah!!  ice fishing is so fun!

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