Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve...our house...

This Christmas is different.  My inlaws are away at my BIL's, so we have less places to go and less people to see.  At first I was really annoyed and sad that they weren't going to be here and weren't coming home, but then I embraced it.  More time for me with just my family.  more time to sit still and enjoy the quiet.
So, I decided we would celebrate Christmas this weekend at our house, so that we could relax after gifts were open (play with our toys!).  So far, its been great.  The kids played all day - especially with their Light Sabers. 
Here are some pictures from our Christmas last night...
This picture below was as I was setting up the camera...I love it..look at how Daddy and boys are...

Family picture!  I feel like I look like Rudolph - why my nose got red, I dunno.

Our tradition is to make homemade pizza on Christmas.  Here are some pictures of us making our pizzas (well, none of me though!)

Evan kept eating some of his toppings.  Hilarious.  He loves the purple onion. 

Hee hee...laughing!

I think Daddy's pizza had five pounds of toppings on wonder his crust didn't get crispy!

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