Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kitchen backsplash

Around Chris' birthday, in July, we stopped at Lowe's one night.  It was just Chris and I, and we had some time to burn before picking up the kids from Grandma's.  We were kind of looking for tile, but weren't expecting much.  At least I wasn't.   I had already been to the tile shop and had been completely overwhelmed there, as well as insulted (apparently putting a backsplash next to a formica top is unmentionable!).  Anyways, surprisingly, we both found tile we really loved.
So, the tile sat there, for quite some time, purchased and not put up.  I mentioned to Chris a few weeks ago, "Our backsplash is never going to get put in, is it?"  And he goes, "why not? I just need help." and I said, "I will help you!"  I really wanted to learn how.
We got everything prepped and ready and when the kids went down for a nap a Saturday ago we decided to start on a corner.  I was going to cut, but I got scared.  I kept thinking of Chris' hand.  He was fearless, however, and just got busy.  So, I did the putting up, the measuring, and the "figuring out".  I really liked it!
Here is the before picture: 

Another before:

And another: 

Here is the corner after!

And ta-da!! The whole thing!!  We kept walking into our kitchen and going, "whoa" because it was so different.  A lot darker.  Chris sealed it the  next day but it's not grouted yet.  The tiles are all uneven so Chris says that will be a B!@#$.  I don't think I will help with that part (hee hee). 

*Shout out to my good friend Becky who reads this blog*

We share a birthday and she sent me a message tonight which was funny because I was thinking a lot about her last week (since it was my birthday).  Sometimes I reimnicse...I do a lot of thinking I decided.  Chris doesn't think when he does things, he just thinks about the thing he is doing.  Not me!  Apparently this is a major difference between guys and girls...girls think many things at once.

Anyways, do you ever stop and think about years gone past and the friends and days that have gone by?  Sometimes, around noon when I am sitting at work in a meeting or am eating lunch all by myself at my desk, I think of how 18 or so years ago I would be sitting in band playing my flute.  Occasionally a song will pop in my head and I can hardly believe I can remember the whole thing.  Dave Brubeck is one that still gets stuck...or Nilesdance....or Pavane...I find it out when I think about those times because the man I was to marry was sitting there all along in the same room with me.  weird. 

I also spend a lot of time, in quiet moments, thinking about prior friendships that have gone by the wayside, or the people I have lost touch with.  You would think in this day and age you wouldn't lose touch with anyone, but it does happen.  Even though you are "connected", there isn't a relationship there.  Sometimes it makes me sad.  Sometimes it makes me happy -- because as you mature you realize some people just aren't good for you, even if things didn't end well.  

But thinking about Becky does make me sad!   Because she is far away, and even if she was close, I feel like she would still be too far away...We are all too busy and have kids and work and committments and husbands and there is never enough time to do all the things you want to do...

*sigh*  I know I can do better.  I think that is something I am going to work on in the New Year.  I really want to make sure friends and family that I love know they are loved....other people do that to me, so I need to start giving of myself more. 

The day after the election I was sick.  I got a random text message from my friend Karla that said, "I was just thinking of you.  I don't know why.  But I had to tell you I was thinking of you and I love how passionate you are about things."  This made my day.  I need to do more things like that.  Random acts of kindness.  Yes.  This is my goal. 

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