Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Christmas blues....

happens every year. 

the post Christmas blues. 

The vacation is over.

Busy season is around the corner.

The good thing about today:  It snowed!  I went out in it last night...went for a walk with Benners and the moon and the snow.  it was nice.  quiet.  peaceful.

Then I went to Old Navy to return something, and stopped by to see a friend.  This friend hates snow.  Despises it.  Every bad thing that happens to her when there is snow around is snows fault.  And she let me know how she felt about it.  I was pretty disappointed...I made a bee-line for the door.  Everyone has bad days.  Its okay. 

Snow is nice.

I think I will go play Settlers or watch Little House.  I got seasons 1-3 on DVD for Christmas. 

loving that.

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