Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So, I update my blog pics...

And the pictures on my sidebar --------------------------------------> shrink.

I don't get it.  I think blogger is dumb. 

But I use it because its free.

Anyways....what's up people?  I went to ShopKo today with Evan for some post-Christmas shopping...just for wrapping paper and stuff.  They didn't have much left but we got some good stuff and should be all set for next year.  It's always fun to go the day after Christmas and see all the Valentine's stuff out. 

Here are some more pictures from our Christmas....LOL...the pic below is what I found outside my bedroom door that night...I was on the phone with my brother Kevin (who was drinking a beer) and I said to him,"lucky duck!  I want a beer" and then I found this outside my door. 

Nathan is too cute sometimes. 

Here we go...opening gifts...

Evan getting Peter Pan on DVD!

Opening their Christmas ornaments.  Nathan was so excited for his (a choo choo train) that I got a hug.

The boys helped me open my vacuum!  Look at how excited Evan is that it has a HEPA filter!  Smart boy that kid.

Not every woman would be excited about a vacuum, but I was!

After the kids went to bed...Santa came...

Were they good this year or something?  Growing up, our stockings were mostly things we, we wrap up all sorts of stuff for our kids.  Like Spaghetti-O's, which I never buy otherwise (I like Annie's Organic ones better, but that's for another day). 

Nathan asked Santa for the red Switch and Go Dino...and Santa brought i!

Evan opening his Light Saber....

Overall, it was a fun day.  Daddy went fishing later on and caught a Toothie!  :-)

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