Friday, September 28, 2012

Camera and computer...not working!

so, in addition to  my 'computadore' having major issues lately (internet, internet, internet!), my camera refused to download pictures the other day....very annoying!  thus, no blog posts. 

But, we've been keeping busy, as usual...and September is nearly gone...

One night we all went out to dinner...the wait was crazy at Reb Lobster, but Nathan was so good!  Evan and Daddy stayed home.  Boy did Nathan like those lobsters. 

Two weekends ago we stained the needed it badly. took all afternoon. Nathan wasn't tired so he helped. We left one side (underneath) of where he painted, it looks awful, but he tried so hard and it is really cute. 

We also have been doing a few picnics lately..this one was McDonald's at a park with one of Nathan's is so weird that it starts getting dark at 7pm already!  cool and cozy though...time to start more sewing!

In other news, we celebrated our 9 year anniversary yesterday.  It seems like it should be longer than it feels -- 9 years is a long time, but Chris agreed, it doesn't seem like that!  He did good duck hunting even though the birds weren't flying around much due to the weather...he was happy because he got a goose!

As the bird were flying over our house this weekend, Nathan said, "I guess Daddy missed those ones..." I laughed out loud and agreed, "yeah, I think he must have."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kitkat Cake

Okay, so the pictures are a little out of order, but here we are making a Kitkat Cake last Thursday for a visit at a friend's house! 
The kids loved eating it!!

Ta-da!   You have to like chocolate and candy to eat this cake!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I really want to say...

Sometimes facebook is interesting, but most of the time, it is just really annoying.

I guess I don't understand why people post things on there like they do. 

When I was little, I spent an entire weekend writing stories and pretending to be a "reporter" of things going on around the house..I wrote everything out in pencil, and then typed up the stories on a typewriter.  We had a copy machine (now considered ancient as I think it was purchased in 1987) and then I made copies.  It took the WHOLE weekend. 

I don't think my kids will probably ever get into doing that...why would they?  I mean, by the time they are old enough to try the technology will be so advanced they will probably be able to talk to a computer, make up stories, and just touch the screen a few times and be done. 

Its the same with Facebook...its so dang easy, people just post everything. 

For example, what I really want to say to the guy who posted that he got a popcorn shell stuck in his gums for two days and used a toothpick to pull it out was, "so frickin' what?"  Seriously, do people think others care?  Maybe this guy had friends that do.  Just odd you know. 

So, what else do I really want to say?  There are so many things...
Unfortunately, I just said a little prayer and that voice inside of my head said:

Don't type them out.

so I won't.

I was at a wedding this weekend and someone said something to me that really insulted me -- to the core.  I had to take a break and go and say a little prayer and talk to God quick to help me not let it bother my night.  He helped me let it go almost instantly after that.   But it was hurtful.  I don't understand why I am always trying to *check* myself when around others but others are so careless about it when it comes to me. 

"in this world you will have trouble...but take heart...."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor day laboring....

We have been busy.  Busy busy busy.  Trying to get the bathroom done, working on things from the garden, and having some fun times with friends, neighbors, and even old highschool friends. 
I haven't taken many pictures lately, so I guess I should start up again!  Here is a pic from sometime in the last few weeks...boys on couch watching "pirates"...

Our neighbors came over one Friday night and we had a great dinner and time hanging out with them on our deck...they brought bacon wrapped steaks and they were so good!  It was a really fun night, and Chris bought me flowers so my table looked awesome. 

Two weekends ago, Chris laid tile.  It took him quite a long time. 

After that I primed, and then painted this week.  We kept the ceiling flat so I had to paint that too..what a pain.  I didn't enjoy it.  Behr paint has always been my favorite, but the paint with primer (which they said that's all they had now) smells different and kind of makes you sick.  Too bad since it was almost the perfect paint before. 

We were alittle bummed after putting the grout in, it came out all blotchy.  Chris looked up tons of stuff to see if he did something wrong, and we cannot figure it out.  Some people have said we may have just gotten a bad bag of grout.  So, we are going to stain the grout now but had to order the color we wanted.

So, last Sunday I went trap shooting for my first time.  I practiced, and then I did one real round - got a 14 out of 25!  Dang I was proud of myself.  My brother was an awesome teacher. 

Tomatoes have been ripening on both Grandparents farm and so this year I decided to make tomato sauce but make sure I cooked it way down until it was like Hunts - nice and thick, to save on canning.  My first batch cooked down so much it was only two pints -- but since that I have received many more tomatoes, and Chris helped me, and we did about 10 jars this weekend, which is fabulous.  I think we are both dang tired of tomatoes though.

Went to a wedding on Friday night and they had a photo booth there...we had had a *few* beers by this point so it was quite fun to dress up and pose.  I may have to order this picture since we are all so cute! 

Also fun was that my mom came over to babysit on Friday night...we had the house clean and everything ready for her so she didn't have to do much except hangout with the Grandkids and bake a pizza. Of course, in true Mom fashion, she finds some laundry to do and irons two of Chris' shirts. But boy, did the boys have fun -- they talked about it all morning on Saturday. 

Saturday afternoon and evening we had friends over for kabobs -- one of my former coworkers and her is my little kabob helper!  She is quite the little girl, if I do say so myself!  She maks me laugh.

Today I went trap shooting for the second time - with my brother AND my dad, and this time I knew I was going to be on my own (as in, my brother Kevin wouldn't be coaching me through my shots).  Well, we got there and there were lots of people, so we had to shoot with two other guys, and I got so nervous to shoot around my dad and other people my hands were shaking!  I pretty much totally forgot how to do anything at first until Kevin said, "just take your time" and I started to take deep breaths. 

Then I started to remember how fun it was and calmed down and did pretty well shooting next to all those men! 

And even funnier, take a look at the second round...I got a 16 and beat my brother who was having a hard time at one station with his shells.  I figure that isn't going to happen ever again (that I beat Kevin) so this one is going into the scrapbook. 

Anyways, I really do like shooting trap, dang it is fun.  I think Christopher may have to get a family membership next year. 

Well, its off to my moms tonight for a relaxing dinner, and then tomorrow we are going to be bums.  I was thinking of going into work for a bit, but no thanks.  I have never had allergies until this year and it is crazy how congested and sneezy I have been - been trying to avoid taking antihistamines but its not worth it - up all night!  So, I took one this morning and will take them for a few weeks here to ride on this weed allergy season...