Tuesday, January 8, 2013


so, I have been listening to the weather about the "winter thaw" coming and here it is. 

but, it seems to me that that is all that happens this year, a tiny bit of snow, and then it melts and/or rains.

This week will mark the third time that has happened this year. 

Nathan, Evan and I went sledding on Saturday to a new hill - it was so fun! I forgot my camera but our friend took pictures which I will share when she sends them.

But, now I am bummed.  as usual lately, the haters have won and the snow is melting.  much too early to get into the soil. 

sometimes I wonder a lot about why when you pray hard for something, it doesn't happen.  I know there "is a reason"...but doesn't it tick you off that there "is a reason" and it just doesn't make any damn sense to you? 

at least I know I should be honest with God, so I tell Him that.  I am like, You know what, I get you get to control everything, and I get you let things happen for a reason, but this just plain sucks in my opinion and it pisses me off You didn't do anything about it!!!! 

When I get like that with God, I have his image in my mind of Him smiling at me.  Which sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes kind of ticks me off more.  Its the kind of laugh a parent gives a child when the child really wants something that's not good for them and its just funny.  Argh.

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