Monday, January 14, 2013

Cookies and puzzles

 Today I watched a video from a motivation speaker on happiness.  She was really good.  She said that happiness is work.  It's something that happens to you, or that you luck out with, or that depends on your situation.  Its something you choose and work at.

She said everyday she gets up and hugs her kids and says, "good morning!" super loud and happily, even if she's not feeling it.  She said kids don't remember yesterday or think about tomorrow like adults do...they just live in the present and can "reset" very quickly.  Its so true!  Both boys before these pictures were fighting and upset with one another.  But they quickly made up while we made cookies. 

i need to be more like that. 

Evan being silly....going "nom nom nom"....

Nathan and I worked on this puzzle for a couple weeks.  he was really proud when it was done!

Evan is a pop and juice hound.  We limit it, he mostly gets milk and water...but boy, when he gets pop does he suck it down!

Life's little moments...right?  I took this picture and then right after Chris goes, "where was my hand?  does that look bad?"  LOL so I'm posting it on my blog because its silly and makes me giggle.  

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