Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new years thoughts....

2013 isn't really that exciting to me. 

grouting really wrecks your fingernails.  i did so well in November and December and now they are gone.

Elliptical machines really do work you out, but I don't really like working out, no matter what it is.  i think its just me.  but I did run a mile two days ago on an incline of 4.  who would've thought?

did you know a porterhouse and tbone are the same cuts?  found this out last night.  why do they taste different then?  I realize there are different amount of tenderloins but still, you think they would taste the same.

Kohl's shouldn't be open on Holidays if they aren't going to have enough people working to keep lines down to 10 people...Evan and I walked in, and walked out.

It's hard to find kid's swimwear in January.

Swimming starts next week.  Should be interesting.   Nathan is on his own with the teacher. 

I haven't watched one football game this year.  none.  just haven't had the heart for it.  I am tired of the things I believe in losing.  I think that is seriously it....not that the Packers did poorly this year at all, but its almost like I just cannot take the stress of it anymore.

January means paperwork.  Filing.  A lot of it.  2:14 already and nothing done today. 


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