Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some Christmas pictures...Part I

I know everyone puts out Christmas pictures this time of year and the few blog readers I have are probably tired of it, but hey, why fight it?  Here are some of my own:
Christmas at my parents house - my brother Kevin below lookin' good!

Chris' feet.  He was using random things all night for a footrest. 

So, halfway through the evening, the kids started screaming.  We ran over to see what they were screaming about, and here Nathan had spotted a red light moving in the sky -- he was convinced it was Rudolph pulling Santa's sleigh and then Anna and Tabitha agreed!  We all laughed so hard because they were very serious about this...

So, my mom got a cat scratching post for her cat Gidget.  Karen asked the kids to demonstrated it...none of the girls word, but Nathan got right down there and was showing everyone how the cat would use it!

Holy cow was it funny!

Nathan and Cory. 

A few days ago Nathan opened his legos he got.  He was very frustrated at first with it, but after I showed him how the directions went step-by-step, he really enjoyed it and did it by himself.  After he was done he said, "that was really fun!" 

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