Monday, February 25, 2013

friday night project.

so, if my blog misses letters in words, its because my computer sucks.  yup. 

anyways, here is a quick pic of the placemats we worked on Friday night...mine is on top!

I went Retro...I loved the colors, so not me, but very late summer...will look wonderful July/August around my house!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

working out frusrations.

I get so frustrated sometimes when I work out. 

About a month ago, in January, I was annoyed that I could only do about one "real" push-up.  That's the truth....ask my husband.  Very annoyed.  I was like WTF, why can't I do these?  Granted, I never do them, but I used to be able to do around 10 when I was 15.  What the heck happened?  Do my muscles just give up now?

So, after I got out of my pity party and decided that the reason I couldn't do them was because I don't do them, I started to work at it.  I am now very happy that I have made enough progress to do 10 full, real pushups.  My goal is two reps of 10 by the end of busy season.  We'll see....

So, you can imagine my surprise when today I decided to do one of my old "Firm" videos, and by the end of the Leg Workout, I practically collapsed.  Not to mention, I had to stop using the weights halfway through, and could barely walk back up the steps 10 minutes later.

Jello legs. 

I just find it so frustrating that whenever I try something new or try to strengthen another group of muscles (that I THOUGHT would be healthier now considering the jogging and walking I can do) that I suck at it.

I am not trying to embellish, but gosh, if I am honest with myself, I really did suck at it.  Did I finish it, yes, that is one thing to be proud of, but I didn't finish it well.  I'll have to work at it.  I'll have to work at it hard. 

Some people don't have to work at it "hard".  I find these people frustrating.  I got asked to do a 5K in July and I was like, "no thanks, that takes a lot of prep work for me (even though I can jog one now, at a slow pace, no problem)."  That person said, "why?  even if you don't do anything now, it only takes three weeks to get into shape."

ARGH!  That comment really frustrated me.  So many people seem to be able to just "get in shape" in a short amount of time.  It took me two years to get to where I am  now with jogging, and many days I still have to really push myself. hard.  I find treadmills frustrating and boring, and in the winter exercising is a real chore for me. 

So, I send this note out into the wide world of bits and bytes: 

if you are like me, and keeping and staying in shape is a constant and lifelong battle, I hear you.  I understand you.  Don't give up, get busy.  Even when it sucks (which I know is almost every. single. time.)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out with the old....

But not in with the new....

I hate clutter.  I hate having stuff around that we are never going to use again and that someone else could use or want.  About four times a year I go through a phase and de-clutter and pack up boxes with stuff for charity.  I was surprised how much I gave away last year when I started to add it all up for taxes.  I gave away a lot of maternity stuff and a lot of things in really good shape from the 90's.  Seriously, have you seen how much old clothes are worth now anyways?  Big bucks at Ragstock! 

But as I de-clutter it is a good reminder to not buy things you truly do not need, and to do something better with the money. 

I mentioned before I was considering giving away my student flute.  I wasn't using it anymore, but it bothered me a lot.  I decided it definately needed to go - it has to be fixed, and the fixing may cost as much as its worth.  Maybe somebody can do something with it. 

We had a lot of good times together me and this flute.  A lot of special memories. 

Christopher also gave away a lot of his stuff from growing up this time.  We have boxes and boxes of things we have been going through at his Mom's house.  He had a whole box of McDonald's toys and another whole box of Pez.  We were thinking of doing Ebay, but things just aren't worth the time.   If a Pez was worth, I dunno, $50, maybe then, but the highest we saw for a couple were maybe $10.  No thanks. 

When the kids go to Grandma's on Wednesday, she brings them home at 8.  Evan's puppy and Nathan's kitty are always doing something silly for them, waiting outside.  So, when Grandma came over for dinner a few weeks ago, Nathan set up this scene - he was so proud!:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quilting weekend...

So, this is what I spent 21 hours sewing and 3 hours cutting a few weekends ago:

as you can see, its just laid out, with the pieces not yet sewn together.  Who knows when I will get around to that!  after doing all that work in one weekend, I needed to put it away (plus, its been getting busier and will be even busier at work soon!). 

But boy, was it challenging.  I had purchased a kit, which I really enjoy because you don't spend hours picking out fabrics, but then, if you cut something wrong, you are screwed because you don't have enough fabric.  So, we measured and measured and measured over and over again...especially me...I was like, "oh, I had better check again".

This is a paper-pieced project by Judy Niemeyer - she is famous (infamous?) for her beautiful but extremely step-oriented paper piecing patterns..  Let me say, you cannot get any more accurate however - look at those spikes!

So, as usual I have a long to-do list, but I am feeling some anxiety this spring about busy season.  I felt like last year I had to kind of prove myself at the new firm, and I felt like I did that, even though I was pretty sick last year.  But now this year, I feel like I am expected to remember everything and make everyone more efficient, and so far, its just not happening....  Its hard to remember things, especially things you only look at once a year.  That's why I am big on notes.  I guess we will see how I do...

Other than that, home with Nathan today.  I felt worse again this morning with my cold, and he had a cough last night, so I figured we could stay home together.  Good thing I followed my gut, because Nathan slept until after 9AM (unprecendented) and when he got up he looked awful.  I immediately felt his forehead and the poor boy had a fever.  He didn't play at all today, just watched tv.  which was kind of interesting when the commercials came on...

On one commercial it was these ice cream shaky maker things, and the voice was saying, "call now and you can get 6, yes 6 ice cream shakers for only $14.99!" and Nathan says to himself, "I dunno.  $14.99 is a lot of money."

Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh great, more kid pictures...

Sometimes I wonder if the six people reading this blog think "oh great, more kid pictures..."  But, seeing as how when I read other blogs I really enjoy the pictures as much as the commentary, maybe not.
We started swimming lessons again shortly after the New Year.  Nathan was nervous to go without Daddy, but he did fine.  He is pretty cute though when he comes home at  night and in a very concerned voice asks me, "why are the other kids in my class so much better at swimming?" 
As all Mothers would say, "well, they have just had more practice!"    But, I do think  Nathan is more like me - not wanting to get his face and eyes wet, or get water in his ears...whereas Evan, well, he doesn't seem to care one bit.

While he was hesitant at first, after a little bit, he thought he was quite fun.  He is so funny when doing the "doggy paddle" - he barks all the way across the pool. 

Nathan hates dunking his head, so I was really proud of him! (don't worry Nathan, your mother hated bobs too)

He does really well on his back, but sinks on his front.  He just hasn't figured out that bouyancy thing that how you spell that?  looks wrong.  should have written floating.   oh well.  too tired to hit the backspace key now. 

A lot of the blogs I follow post all of their resolutions and "to-do" lists...and I am really always really impressed by how ambitious they are.  I have a long "to-do" list as well, but lots of it I cannot do (home improvements) and lots of it is fun stuff "sewing and quilting". 

One of the things I want to work on with Nathan though this spring is reading more rhyming books, getting him more used to words and sounds - he is really good with it when he tries, but he gets so easily frustrated.  He just quits and starts goofing off and then I get frustrated.  If God wanted a way to teach me patience, it was definately a blessing to give me a Nathan!

We had kindergarten orientation last week...did I blog about that?  It was AWFUL.  I know it will all get figured out, but I had to put in a transfer request for a school next to Grandma's house so I hope it will be approved.  Kind of silly if it isn't, I mean, my kids will be WALKING home to Grandma's after school. 

I have some other areas of my life right now that aren't going as planned, as if anything ever does I guess, but the planner in me is getting frustrated.  My friend sent me a CD of her brother (who is a priest) on a talk he gave on trusting in the Lord.  It is so good.  Everytime I listen to it I feel better. 

So I have been working on wanting the things God wants for me, and not the other way around.  Why is that so hard for me?  I dunno, I have major (and by major, I mean MAJOR) elder brother syndrome, so I really struggle with the question, "why Lord, if I do good, and follow the rules, and love you and my neighbor, don't these things work out for me?"  Yet, at the same time, I feel selfish (and thus even worse) when I think of all the blessings He has already given me.  Oh what a mess I am -- Thank goodness Jesus loves me anyways!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Keeping busy....

January is over...but what a fun and busy month!  Usually January is dull, dismal, and full of sicknesses.  This year we were healthy and enjoying the winter God gave us!
We were invited to a friend's birthday party...they rented a party bus and we got on it...crazy!

It was 80's themed.  My purse was actually from the 80's when I was little.  LOL.  I bought tight (for me) orange pants and ripped up a sweatshirt and wore hoopy earrings.  I thought I did pretty well for not being a "dress up" person, but dang, you should have seen the other girls!  I looked nothing like them!!

My parents are remodeling (or finishing) some parts of their house and basement.  My dad really wanted a blanket like I made my nieces, with cuddly fur on one side and on his, soft and cuddly fleece on the other.  I was so happy when I found this western theme - it is so my dad!  He is going to love it..just have to give it to him once his basement is finished. 

Leftover night...I found random things in my fridget and cooked them up with eggs in my new stainless steel skillet.  Pretty good!  I love my skillet - healthy cooking for me - non-stick is in the garbage!

Daddy made the boys rainbow pancakes (we don't do food coloring so I told him he would have to face the consequences later if they got sick...which one of them did!)

They thought they were awesome though!

So, Chris had this old shirt he wanted to get rid of.  I was sad, because I remember dating and he always wore that shirt out on our dates.  It still makes me smile - especially since we did long distance for quite some time. 
I decided to make it into a pillow case, and NO, this idea did not come from PININTEREST, which is a very annoying website.  I shall rant about that website another day. 

But here are some pics of what I turned out super cute, and you just unbutton it to open it and take out the pillow when you wash it!