Friday, February 1, 2013

Keeping busy....

January is over...but what a fun and busy month!  Usually January is dull, dismal, and full of sicknesses.  This year we were healthy and enjoying the winter God gave us!
We were invited to a friend's birthday party...they rented a party bus and we got on it...crazy!

It was 80's themed.  My purse was actually from the 80's when I was little.  LOL.  I bought tight (for me) orange pants and ripped up a sweatshirt and wore hoopy earrings.  I thought I did pretty well for not being a "dress up" person, but dang, you should have seen the other girls!  I looked nothing like them!!

My parents are remodeling (or finishing) some parts of their house and basement.  My dad really wanted a blanket like I made my nieces, with cuddly fur on one side and on his, soft and cuddly fleece on the other.  I was so happy when I found this western theme - it is so my dad!  He is going to love it..just have to give it to him once his basement is finished. 

Leftover night...I found random things in my fridget and cooked them up with eggs in my new stainless steel skillet.  Pretty good!  I love my skillet - healthy cooking for me - non-stick is in the garbage!

Daddy made the boys rainbow pancakes (we don't do food coloring so I told him he would have to face the consequences later if they got sick...which one of them did!)

They thought they were awesome though!

So, Chris had this old shirt he wanted to get rid of.  I was sad, because I remember dating and he always wore that shirt out on our dates.  It still makes me smile - especially since we did long distance for quite some time. 
I decided to make it into a pillow case, and NO, this idea did not come from PININTEREST, which is a very annoying website.  I shall rant about that website another day. 

But here are some pics of what I turned out super cute, and you just unbutton it to open it and take out the pillow when you wash it! 

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