Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh great, more kid pictures...

Sometimes I wonder if the six people reading this blog think "oh great, more kid pictures..."  But, seeing as how when I read other blogs I really enjoy the pictures as much as the commentary, maybe not.
We started swimming lessons again shortly after the New Year.  Nathan was nervous to go without Daddy, but he did fine.  He is pretty cute though when he comes home at  night and in a very concerned voice asks me, "why are the other kids in my class so much better at swimming?" 
As all Mothers would say, "well, they have just had more practice!"    But, I do think  Nathan is more like me - not wanting to get his face and eyes wet, or get water in his ears...whereas Evan, well, he doesn't seem to care one bit.

While he was hesitant at first, after a little bit, he thought he was quite fun.  He is so funny when doing the "doggy paddle" - he barks all the way across the pool. 

Nathan hates dunking his head, so I was really proud of him! (don't worry Nathan, your mother hated bobs too)

He does really well on his back, but sinks on his front.  He just hasn't figured out that bouyancy thing that how you spell that?  looks wrong.  should have written floating.   oh well.  too tired to hit the backspace key now. 

A lot of the blogs I follow post all of their resolutions and "to-do" lists...and I am really always really impressed by how ambitious they are.  I have a long "to-do" list as well, but lots of it I cannot do (home improvements) and lots of it is fun stuff "sewing and quilting". 

One of the things I want to work on with Nathan though this spring is reading more rhyming books, getting him more used to words and sounds - he is really good with it when he tries, but he gets so easily frustrated.  He just quits and starts goofing off and then I get frustrated.  If God wanted a way to teach me patience, it was definately a blessing to give me a Nathan!

We had kindergarten orientation last week...did I blog about that?  It was AWFUL.  I know it will all get figured out, but I had to put in a transfer request for a school next to Grandma's house so I hope it will be approved.  Kind of silly if it isn't, I mean, my kids will be WALKING home to Grandma's after school. 

I have some other areas of my life right now that aren't going as planned, as if anything ever does I guess, but the planner in me is getting frustrated.  My friend sent me a CD of her brother (who is a priest) on a talk he gave on trusting in the Lord.  It is so good.  Everytime I listen to it I feel better. 

So I have been working on wanting the things God wants for me, and not the other way around.  Why is that so hard for me?  I dunno, I have major (and by major, I mean MAJOR) elder brother syndrome, so I really struggle with the question, "why Lord, if I do good, and follow the rules, and love you and my neighbor, don't these things work out for me?"  Yet, at the same time, I feel selfish (and thus even worse) when I think of all the blessings He has already given me.  Oh what a mess I am -- Thank goodness Jesus loves me anyways!!

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