Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out with the old....

But not in with the new....

I hate clutter.  I hate having stuff around that we are never going to use again and that someone else could use or want.  About four times a year I go through a phase and de-clutter and pack up boxes with stuff for charity.  I was surprised how much I gave away last year when I started to add it all up for taxes.  I gave away a lot of maternity stuff and a lot of things in really good shape from the 90's.  Seriously, have you seen how much old clothes are worth now anyways?  Big bucks at Ragstock! 

But as I de-clutter it is a good reminder to not buy things you truly do not need, and to do something better with the money. 

I mentioned before I was considering giving away my student flute.  I wasn't using it anymore, but it bothered me a lot.  I decided it definately needed to go - it has to be fixed, and the fixing may cost as much as its worth.  Maybe somebody can do something with it. 

We had a lot of good times together me and this flute.  A lot of special memories. 

Christopher also gave away a lot of his stuff from growing up this time.  We have boxes and boxes of things we have been going through at his Mom's house.  He had a whole box of McDonald's toys and another whole box of Pez.  We were thinking of doing Ebay, but things just aren't worth the time.   If a Pez was worth, I dunno, $50, maybe then, but the highest we saw for a couple were maybe $10.  No thanks. 

When the kids go to Grandma's on Wednesday, she brings them home at 8.  Evan's puppy and Nathan's kitty are always doing something silly for them, waiting outside.  So, when Grandma came over for dinner a few weeks ago, Nathan set up this scene - he was so proud!:

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