Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quilting weekend...

So, this is what I spent 21 hours sewing and 3 hours cutting a few weekends ago:

as you can see, its just laid out, with the pieces not yet sewn together.  Who knows when I will get around to that!  after doing all that work in one weekend, I needed to put it away (plus, its been getting busier and will be even busier at work soon!). 

But boy, was it challenging.  I had purchased a kit, which I really enjoy because you don't spend hours picking out fabrics, but then, if you cut something wrong, you are screwed because you don't have enough fabric.  So, we measured and measured and measured over and over again...especially me...I was like, "oh, I had better check again".

This is a paper-pieced project by Judy Niemeyer - she is famous (infamous?) for her beautiful but extremely step-oriented paper piecing patterns..  Let me say, you cannot get any more accurate however - look at those spikes!

So, as usual I have a long to-do list, but I am feeling some anxiety this spring about busy season.  I felt like last year I had to kind of prove myself at the new firm, and I felt like I did that, even though I was pretty sick last year.  But now this year, I feel like I am expected to remember everything and make everyone more efficient, and so far, its just not happening....  Its hard to remember things, especially things you only look at once a year.  That's why I am big on notes.  I guess we will see how I do...

Other than that, home with Nathan today.  I felt worse again this morning with my cold, and he had a cough last night, so I figured we could stay home together.  Good thing I followed my gut, because Nathan slept until after 9AM (unprecendented) and when he got up he looked awful.  I immediately felt his forehead and the poor boy had a fever.  He didn't play at all today, just watched tv.  which was kind of interesting when the commercials came on...

On one commercial it was these ice cream shaky maker things, and the voice was saying, "call now and you can get 6, yes 6 ice cream shakers for only $14.99!" and Nathan says to himself, "I dunno.  $14.99 is a lot of money."

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