Sunday, February 24, 2013

working out frusrations.

I get so frustrated sometimes when I work out. 

About a month ago, in January, I was annoyed that I could only do about one "real" push-up.  That's the truth....ask my husband.  Very annoyed.  I was like WTF, why can't I do these?  Granted, I never do them, but I used to be able to do around 10 when I was 15.  What the heck happened?  Do my muscles just give up now?

So, after I got out of my pity party and decided that the reason I couldn't do them was because I don't do them, I started to work at it.  I am now very happy that I have made enough progress to do 10 full, real pushups.  My goal is two reps of 10 by the end of busy season.  We'll see....

So, you can imagine my surprise when today I decided to do one of my old "Firm" videos, and by the end of the Leg Workout, I practically collapsed.  Not to mention, I had to stop using the weights halfway through, and could barely walk back up the steps 10 minutes later.

Jello legs. 

I just find it so frustrating that whenever I try something new or try to strengthen another group of muscles (that I THOUGHT would be healthier now considering the jogging and walking I can do) that I suck at it.

I am not trying to embellish, but gosh, if I am honest with myself, I really did suck at it.  Did I finish it, yes, that is one thing to be proud of, but I didn't finish it well.  I'll have to work at it.  I'll have to work at it hard. 

Some people don't have to work at it "hard".  I find these people frustrating.  I got asked to do a 5K in July and I was like, "no thanks, that takes a lot of prep work for me (even though I can jog one now, at a slow pace, no problem)."  That person said, "why?  even if you don't do anything now, it only takes three weeks to get into shape."

ARGH!  That comment really frustrated me.  So many people seem to be able to just "get in shape" in a short amount of time.  It took me two years to get to where I am  now with jogging, and many days I still have to really push myself. hard.  I find treadmills frustrating and boring, and in the winter exercising is a real chore for me. 

So, I send this note out into the wide world of bits and bytes: 

if you are like me, and keeping and staying in shape is a constant and lifelong battle, I hear you.  I understand you.  Don't give up, get busy.  Even when it sucks (which I know is almost every. single. time.)

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