Sunday, March 24, 2013

March madness

March typically  has its own madness for me, and it has nothing to do with basketball.  I am very busy with work, but this year, it just seems worse.

maybe that's because it is worse, maybe its because I am just not taking things in stride.  at least not today I'm not. 

On Monday night I started feeling lousy, and I am haven't gotten any better.  Just really congested.  And now I think I may have a sinus infection.  I dunno.  I thought it would go away, this stuffy nose and headaches, but its not. 

Either way, I am sitting here patiently (ha!  me, patient?) waiting for it to be 8:45 so I can go into the doctor because I am 99% sure I also have pinkeye.  I woke up last night with all the symptoms over and over again, and now I am trying to stay away from everyone here so it doesn't spread. 

It doesn't help that Evan just came in here and is crawling on me.

What else is new? 

My dad gets to start chemo in a few weeks.  His values have been going up, and he got a second opinion, and this doctor pretty much said he had (has) a very aggressive type of cancer, its hiding out, and that the surgery + radiation probably didn't do much.  That was fun news to hear.

A couple of my uncles are pretty sick. I haven't been able to see either one, also fun.   

There is some sunshine in my news, despite all the dark clouds.  My sister got engaged and I am so excited for her!!  Its fun to start looking at dresses and stuff like that -- seems like so long ago I did that (which it really was). 

My kids are healthy, which is wonderful.  We had a cold bug in February, they were really doing so well all winter this year, so it was okay that we all got that one bug. 

We did our annual Easter Egg hunt here yesterday...first time every you couldn't see any of the ground...kind of funny!  What was even more hilarious was this woman that showed up in heels!  most of the parents and kids were smart enough to wear boots...Nathan and Evan found 3 gold big prizes this year.

They weren't scared of the bunny this year and actually stood next to it!

Posing with Daddy...

with Mommy....

Look at those eggs out there on the snow!  funny!

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